2023 Pet Owners Policy

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Objectives of the Policy
• To keep all users of the campgrounds safe

• To promote the peaceful enjoyment of the grounds while respecting rights of pet owners and non-owners alike
• To maintain a clean campground
• To properly manage the liability issues associated with pets

• Pet owner – anyone who legally owns a pet or anyone who is temporarily responsible for a pet while on the camp grounds.
• Pets – Cats, dogs, or any other domestically tamed animal
• Dwelling Unit – Any private quarters that are not determined to be shared spaces
• Grounds – any property that is administered by Severn Bridge Camp
• Camper – any person who is on the property administered by Severn Bridge Camp

1) All pet owners must abide by the rules and by-laws laid out by the Ontario government and the Township of Severn regarding pet ownership.

2) All pet owners must provide proof of immunization to camp administrators immediately upon bringing pets onto the grounds. Contact information will be made available at the camp entrances.
3) It is the responsibility of the owner to maintain control of their pet at all times.
4) All pets will be kept on a leash anytime it is outside the confines of a dwelling unit and leash length is to be 6’ (1.83m) or less.
5) Retractable leashes will not be permitted
6) Excessive noise caused by pets will not be tolerated at any time, and owners will be asked to remove the pet from the grounds if excessive noise persists.
7) All pet owners are required to properly and immediately dispose of animal waste left on the grounds in the dumpster at the front entrance of the camp.
8) Any pet that demonstrates outward aggression to other campers or other pets must be immediately removed from the camp.
9) Pets will not be allowed on any furniture inside the camp owned rental units.
10) No pet may be left tied up outside if the owner leaves the grounds.
11) No pets will be allowed in any public camp buildings excluding working dogs.
12) No one 14 years of age and younger will be allowed to walk a pet without being accompanied by an adult.
13) All incidents or complaints involving this policy must be brought to the immediate attention of a camp board member or agent of the camp.

Original Document - June 27, 2009
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