2023 Policy Review

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1.      Quiet time is from 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM

2.      Severn Bridge Camp (SBC) is a smoke free and vaping free environment. Smoking and vaping on the campground or in any of the facilities are prohibited. 

3.      The consumption of alcohol at / on SBC property is strictly prohibited

4.      The use of non-medical drugs are prohibited.

5.      Modesty in attire and conduct suitable to each particular camp activity, must reflect scriptural standards of simplicity, humility, modesty, property and good stewardship that reflects the beauty of the gospel. Bathing attire to be limited to the swimming area.

6.      Any person not registered for an organized event, who has not reached 18 years of age, and is not staying in the same accommodations as the parent or guardian, must provide the board of directors with a written statement from a person over 25 years of age who is staying on the ground who accepts responsibility for them.  

7.      Trees are not to be cut down except with the permission of the board of directors. Please refrain from damaging the trees. 

8.      All damages to SBC property must reported to the custodian, camp office or maintenance committee chairperson.

9.      All electrical and plumbing alterations are to be performed by authorized camp personnel only.

10.   Camp maintenance and sports equipment shall be used only with the permission of camp custodian or designated personnel.

11.   Vehicles must be driven within the posted speed limit of 10 KPH. Operation of all motorized vehicles is limited to license drivers.

12.   Only one (1) vehicle per campsite permitted. Roadways must not be blocked at anytime to permit room for emergency vehicles.

13.   Bicycles and golf carts must be operated with special consideration for the safety of others and other riders. Persons under the age of 18 years must wear helmet, while riding a bicycle to conform to the provincial regulations. Bicycle should not be left lying around the campground. Children should not be riding their bikes after dusk.

14.   All swimming is at your own risk. All posted pool signs shall be observed and followed. Entrance to the pool enclosure shall only be through the gate. Pool enclosure gate shall be kept locked at all times unless pool is in use. For the safety of the children, please do not leave any child unattended by adult supervision in the pool enclosure

15.   Items may be posted on SBC bulletin boards only after being reviewed by the board of directors or authorized personnel.

16.   Garbage to be disposed of in the bear proof dumpster at the gate entrance off Southwood Rd. In addition all recycling should be put in the recycling Center. 

17.   There is no weapons or firearms permitted on the premises.

18.   All pets on the ground must be leashed at all times and certificate of vaccinations must be provided via the online form or to the board of directors. Pets must be kept inside your accommodations at night. Pet owners will “stoop and scoop” after their pets. Please ensure that your pet and does not disturb your neighbors.

19.   Brush or rubbish fires allowed only with a fire permit obtained by camp personnel. Campfires are subject to the Ministry of Natural Resource regulations. Campfires must be attended at all times and thoroughly extinguished before left. Fires must be at least 10 feet from a trailer, cabin, motel unit or building. Please see Gravenhurst volunteer fire department open air guidelines  (in bathrooms and bulletin boards).

20.   Since it’s inception the ministry of SBC has been centred on the Word of GodWe believe this is critical to our purpose for existing and therefore it is expected that guests and campers will attend and support the ministry of Family Camp.

21.   All campers are encouraged to participate in work bee projects to reduce the amount of hired labour we are required to complete projects.

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