2023 Regulations & Requirements for Leaseholders

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Effective January 1, 2002, the following requirements must be met by all individuals who own, are selling or purchasing a trailer that is to be parked on a leased lot at Severn Bridge Camp.
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1. Lots and units are leased for one year, and are renewable at the option of the Board of Directors.

2. Lots and units may be sub-leased for one year to a person approved by the Board of Directors. The lot lessee will pay the annual administration fee. The sub-lessee will observe all SBC guidelines.

3. Trailer must be no older than 20 years and must be in good condition. Units older than 20 years must be removed from premises when sold or are no longer in use. Unit must fit on chosen lot – subject to board approval.

4. Only one unit or recreational vehicle may be parked on a lot (excluding a tent). The Board of Directors may temporarily waive this during major events at SBC. Double lots are no longer available.

5. Refrigerators and freezers are not allowed outside the trailer unit.

6. Grass cutting is the responsibility of the lot lessee. Severn Bridge Camp (SBC) will have unsightly grass cut and bill the lot lessee. All lots must be kept in neat and tidy appearance.

7. Fences are not permitted along lot lines.

8. Lesseholders are encouraged to post their name so that it is easily read from the street.

9. Lessees must submit a drawing of proposed changes and obtain a SBC Permit from the Board of Directors (and a Building Permit from the Town of Gravenhurst if applicable), before moving or constructing a shed, deck, before placing (or replacing) your trailer on your lot and before any structural change is made or add-a-room is constructed.

10. All additions will be restricted to a deck (no larger than the trailer), a standard utility shed (see item # 15), or a factory built add-a-room/Florida room that is specifically engineered for travel trailers and for snow loads of the Muskoka area. The Board of Directors must approve all construction. Canvas and hard cover seasonal screen rooms must be removed each fall.

11. All travel trailers are to have a factory-installed ‘black water’ holding tank. Extra in-ground holding tanks presently installed will be grandfathered until the trailer is removed.

12. Wheels may not be removed from travel trailers.

13. Any unit not kept in good repair, does not meet safety standards or the overall appearance does not meet with the standards of SBC, must be removed upon receipt in writing from the Board of Directors.

14. Storage of items on lots not permitted (i.e. lumber, etc.). One picnic table and a reasonable number of outdoor patio chairs excepted.

15. One shed is permitted on each lot. It must be located at the rear of the lot if possible and preferably directly behind the trailer. It may not exceed 65 sq. ft. and overall height may not exceed 8 ft. The shed must be sturdy enough to withstand the weather and snow load of SBC. New and replacement shed should be finished with siding and roof material to match the trailer.

16. Overnight guests must sign the registration book in the registration office (or custodian cabin). Lot lessee accepts the responsibility for the behaviour of their overnight guests and day visitors. Checkout Time is 2:00 p.m.

17. The following details of every unit that is purchased, sold or parked on a leased lot at Severn Bridge Camp must be provided: (lot leaseholders only)
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